echoo education
Echoo Education is a highly secure web-based software that extracts the repetitive steps of administration and allows the institution to focus on the more important matter, relations. Echoo education allows institutions to navigate, manage and connect with parents all within one platform.
What is Echoo Education? Features it packs. Our goal for the product

Echoo Education provides an easy-to-learn attendance feature that allows all sides to report on absent. After teacher reported absence on a specific student, the system would display this information on both the admin's and parent's application. This feature would allow the institution to provide immediate action and respond to the missing student. Parents, on the other hand, would be able to report an absence without calling the school, therefore, reducing the amount of repetitive administration work.


In Echoo, we consider statistics as one of our key features that differentiate us from the rest of our competitors. Not only can the user send messages, feeds, and announcement in our newsletter feature, the user can also live track how well each individual post is doing. We provide accurate and detailed statistics for every single post; allowing the user to determine if their post has reached their full potential or not.

We provide CALENDAR

The calendar has always been a standard feature for any application. Our calendar feature allows the user to easily setup notification on deadlines and future events from other features within the Echoo system. With our calendar, the user can easily manage their daily routine with no hassle. The user would no longer need to input individual notifications into their own calendar, therefore, reducing the amount of administration time overall.


The newsletter is a primary way where the institution would be able to connect with its audience, in this case, the parents. However, the newsletter has always been easily neglected and overall ineffective because the institution does not have the ability to track reader consumption regarding their newsletter. After in-depth research, we concluded that the information within a social media layout is easier for users to consume because of the simplistic and intuitive vertical scrolling pattern. Our newsletter feature also allows the user to easily and quickly take actions such as payment and adding an event.

Our Goal For echoo education

Our goal for Echoo Education is to create an Augmented Learning (AL) Platform that connects school, institutions, educators, and learners to deliver the best self-directed learning experience in one place. Under the current learning models, a person’s learning process can be divided into four stages: pre-school, K to 12, higher education and professional training. Echoo’s journey will begin with provide SAAS (software as a service) for K to 12 education institutions and after-school clubs to connect with parents and students, simplify communications between families and education institutions and at the same time generate a database of each individual learner to keep track of what class have taken for future use.

We're Already Working On It.

We don't just say it, we are already working towards it. Multiple illustrations and demo screens have already been done. If you are interested in our journey, please feel free to contact us!